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We're 5th generation farmers


Lakeland Hemp is a family farm that began with eighty acres in January of 1860. We are nestled on the shore of Elk Lake in beautiful Northern Michigan. When both sets of Dennis’ grandparents asked his parents, Evelyn & Everett Dean, to move and help on either of the family farms, they chose the Elk Lake location to help care for Anna (Cross) and James Dean Jr. who were in poor health. Responsibly farming and caring for the land continues in our family’s hands to this day. We are licensed to grow and process industrial HEMP and earned our MAEAP certification in 2019.

Through the years, the farm has grown a variety of crops such as corn, rye, soy beans and wheat as well as been home to various animals like Milking Shorthorns, Holsteins, Brown Swiss, mink, geese, horses, pigs and chickens. Currently the farm grows famous Northern Michigan Cherries, hay and, of course, industrial HEMP. We are thrilled we can continue to grow crops that help boost the local economy while doing what we love.

Hemp loves it here! Because of our unique, far north location, we enjoy long growing days during the summer as well as micro-climates that come from both Grand Traverse bays. Hemp also thrives in our loamy sandy soil that provides ample nutrients and drainage to produce highly CBD concentrated industrial hemp buds.

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The farm is a licensed MDARD Industrial HEMP grower & processor in Michigan. We also strive to protect the land and are MAEAP verified. We have 6 acres dedicated to HEMP growing and production.

Meet The Farmers


Today we proudly continue our family’s lineage using sustainable and responsible farming while growing an amazing product.

Eric Dean

Farm Manager, Chief Grower

Barbara Dean


Dennis Dean


Farm History


See how it all began with the Dean family members below.

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