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Predictable. Pure. Grand Traverse Grown.

The Best ‘Terrior’ for Hemp


In French, ‘Terrior’ is used to describe a region’s soil, climate and terrain. Our farm falls on the famous 45th parallel in Michigan, which is well known (across the pond) for producing complex wines in France & Italy. Who knew Industrial Hemp would grow well here too?

The Northern Michigan region brings together the best possible conditions for growing Industrial Hemp. It’s proximity to Lake Michigan as well as two substantial bays, combined with its gentle rolling hills and long sunny summer days, gives rise to micro-climates that help protect and nurture our plants. Additionally, our sandy loamy soil is naturally rich in nutrients and provides adequate drainage. All aspects of our ‘Terrior’ also gives our Hemp a special combination of cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes.

Lakeland Hemp is organically grown. No Herbicides. No Pesticides. No Fungicides. No Synthetic Fertilizers.

Hemp Grown on 45th Parallel

Preparing & Planting


When farming, you can have the heartiest plants, but with poor soil, a crop will fail. Three years ago, we planted, turned over, and worked cover crops back into the soil to improve humus and nutrient density on the six acre area where we now grow Lakeland Hemp.

Using a machine created by Dennis & Eric, each plant is placed by hand in the ground during the first week of June.To avoid the need to use herbicides, our industrial Hemp is planted through a mulch, we hand pull weeds, and an irrigation system controls moisture surrounding the roots.

Nutrient monitoring is also an important component in growing CBD rich hemp. We perform both pre-season and mid-season soil tests to guide decisions about nutrient applications to use. Our hemp receives only the best organic nutrients sourced from RX Green Technologies.

Industrial Hemp planted, cultivated and harvested by hand.

The Harvest


Prior to harvest, we lab test hemp strains for delta 9 compliance, CBDa and CBD concentration. Then comes the harvest which is perhaps the most exciting part of the process. Our industrial hemp is hand cut and then transferred to hang upside down. The drying process lasts one to two weeks and allows time for resins in the stalk and stems to migrate to the tip of the bud. This increases both aroma and overall flavor.

Next, the plant is ‘bucked’ to remove the leaves and flower from its stems. Buds and their leaves are then placed on screens to dry further. Once the bucked material reaches our desired moisture content, it is dry trimmed. Hemp flowers are placed on screens for the last time to complete drying. Finally, we cure the flowers in containers that are alternately opened and closed to allow the flower to breathe, solidifying the terpenes and aroma in the flower.

We understand what is required to produce high quality, high CBD concentrated industrial Hemp using responsible farming methods.

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