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Harvest Plants Like A Pro

The Lakeland Hemp Bucking Machine does the job of four employees in a third of the time. Buyers quickly cover the purchase cost, finding savings in labor costs and improved breakdown of the plant. The automated debudding and destemming system can harvest hundreds of pounds of hemp or cannabis quickly and efficiently.


Debud & Destem in Seconds

The Lakeland Hemp Bucker takes just a few seconds to clean one plant. The automated bucking system destems and debuds the biomass then a conveyor belt moves the product to a Super Sac, creating an easy harvest with maximum crop yield.

Catch Buds in the Super Sac
For Easy Unload & Transport

(Super Sac Sold Separately)

Processing a lot of plants? For large scale operations, the Super Sac is a useful add-on to the Lakeland Hemp Bucker. After the bristle box destems and debuds the plant, a conveyer moves the end product into the Super Sac. Once the sac is full, the large handles disengage with the frame allowing for easy pick up, transfer, and return.

American Farm (1)

American Made.
Farm Tested.

The Lakeland Hemp Bucker Machine was born out of necessity at our family farm. Our family started the farm in Northern Michigan in 1860 with eighty acres and a dream. During our harvest we process thousands of pounds of hemp and employ many working hands to manually destem and debud the crop. We grew tired of the tedious work involved in harvesting plants, so we began designing a solution.

Lakeland Hemp teamed up with Northpull Winch Company, a machine designer and fabricator in Northern Michigan, to create the Bucking Machine to use on our farm and to market to other cannabis growers. With our new Bucker, we increase speed to market and lower labor costs. This product is built with quality, U.S.A. materials.

Built in Safety Features
& Quiet Operation

The noise factor is minimal when in operation. The Bucker is designed to run quietly. The built in safety features create added protection–including automatic shut-off of the destemer when foreign objects are detected.


Color Options & Add-ons Available

Orders are customizable and we support multiple colors and logo options. Choose from various add-ons including multiple Super Sac sizes, conveyer options, and control panel configurations. Contact us for more information include size specifications and add-on costs.

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