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CBD Isolate


Grown By: Lakeland Hemp LLC

With CBD isolate, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD with ZERO THC. This completely pure powder is processed here at Lakeland Hemp and comes from hemp grown right on our farm. It can be dissolved in a number of oils, giving it virtually limitless applications for CBD consumption and use in products.

CBD Isolate Common Uses:

  •       Add to lotions or ointments
  •       Dissolve in oils
  •       Make CBD tincture drops
  •       Use to make edibles
  •       CBD dabs
  •       Add to a favorite drink
  •       Sprinkle on a snack

We control every aspect of production, from the hemp that is grown on our farm from cultivation, drying, trimming, and finally processing CBD isolate.

Our isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol. The production process removes all plant material, terpenes, THC, and other impurities, leaving only a milky white powder rich in CBD. This makes it an ideal option for anyone who wants the health benefits of CBD without any THC.

It also is completely tasteless and odorless, which adds to the isolate’s overall versatility. You can blend it with a smoothie, mix it into your favorite lotion, or even make CBD tinctures.   

CBD has been used to help quell anxiety, reduce or eliminate pain, aid in digestion, and help reduce inflammation.  

Price by Weight

1 gram

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