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  • CBDv vs. CBD: Exploring the Differences and Benefits

    In the rapidly expanding universe of cannabinoids, two compounds have risen to prominence for their therapeutic potentials: CBDv (Cannabidivarin) and CBD (Cannabidiol). While CBD has become a household name, heralded for its myriad health benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC, CBDv is a lesser-known compound, promising unique advantages that warrant exploration. This blog aims …

  • CBDv Health Benefits & Uses: Exploring Its Potential Impact

    In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness and natural health solutions, a new cannabinoid, Cannabidivarin (CBDv), is making waves for its unique benefits. Unlike its more famous counterparts such as CBD (Cannabidiol), CBDv offers distinct properties that have caught the attention of the medical community and wellness enthusiasts alike. This blog aims to delve deep into …

  • CBC vs CBD Understanding the Differences and Benefits

    CBC vs CBD: Understanding the Differences and Benefits

    The surge of interest in cannabinoid-based wellness has brought a plethora of compounds into the spotlight, far beyond the widely recognized THC and CBD. Among these, Cannabichromene (CBC) is emerging as a compound of interest alongside Cannabidiol (CBD), both offering unique benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC. This blog dives into the nuances between …

  • Is CBG Legal Navigating the Legality of Cannabigerol

    Is CBG Legal? Navigating the Legality of Cannabigerol

    Cannabigerol (CBG) is often celebrated for its foundational role in cannabinoid biosynthesis, where it acts as a precursor to CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. This unique position within the cannabis plant’s biochemistry has spurred interest in its potential as a therapeutic agent. Unlike THC, CBG does not produce intoxicating effects, making it appealing for those …

  • CBD Processing Equipment

    Don’t Buy CBD Processing Equipment Without Reading This First

    Frequently Asked Questions 1) What space or facility is required to safely run the machine?  It is important to consider space and facility requirements for CBD processing equipment. Having the proper infrastructure and systems in place are essential to deliver a quality product. According to Precision Extraction Solutions, the typical size of a safe space or facility to run …

  • How to Spin Hemp Fiber

    How to Spin Hemp Fiber

    Spinning hemp fiber involves retting, decortification, softening, combing then spinning using wet or dry methods. Hemp fiber can be spun using any one of these three processes, cottonization, long fiber or tow processing. Long Fiber Processing Retting • Hemp is harvested up to the mid flowering stage, which is then cut four to five feet from ground …

  • Mobile Hemp Decorticator

    Mobile Hemp Decorticator: Hemp Processing Made Easy?

    Due to the cost of transporting hemp material to decortication facilities, it is difficult for farmers to monetize industrial hemp biomass for production purposes. Mobile decorticators eliminate transportation costs and thus substantially increase the plants’ profitability.  Additionally, there is a significant shortage of hemp processing facilities across the U.S. Mobile decorticators enable farmers and processors …

  • Hemp Fiber Processing Equipment

    Buyers Guide: Industrial Hemp Fiber Processing Equipment

    In order to process industrial hemp for its strong fiber, hemp stalks must first be separated into its interior and exterior parts. Hemp processors can choose either the traditional method of retting or the modern method of decortication.  The typical time for hemp fiber process is 90 hours for acid/base processing, and 48 hours for …

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