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CBG Kief


Processed By: Lakeland Hemp LLC

Our premium CBG Kief is solventless and hand-processed from hemp grown right on our farm in Northern Michigan. CBG-rich trichomes are collected during the trimming process and then hand-sifted through multiple screens. The result is fine, terpene filled, CBG Kief that has endless possibilities.

CBG Kief Common Uses:

  • Give your hemp flower a CBG boost
  • Make CBD moon rocks
  • Sprinkle on top of your bowl
  • Make kief tea
  • Add to morning (or afternoon) coffee
  • Use to make edibles
  • Make CBG hash

CBG kief is considered the good stuff for a reason. At the end of the countless trichomes that cover CBG flower, are tiny bulbs (crystals). These bulbs contain the resin that gives the hemp flower its iconic sticky texture. However, these bulbs are also jam-packed with CBG and terpenes. When they fall off the flower, millions of these bulbs form a fine powder – AKA kief.

It is more concentrated than hemp flower, yet purer than CBG oil.

Kief does not need to go through multiple chemical processes to be extracted. Once our flower has sufficiently dried, we collect and sift the crystals in silkscreens until they form a fine, light green powder.  

Price by Weight

1 gram

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